We have over 18 years of experience in providing Professional and Administrative Services, Strategic Planning and Project Management, Customized Security Computer Technologies and Supplying Oil and Gas Petroleum Products.
  1. Consulting Services
    Consulting Services
    We provide the following consulting services: - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services - Staffing and Personnel Services - Project Management Services - Business Advisory Services
  2. Computer Related
    Computer Related
    We provide the following computer related services: - Help setup online Computer and Computer Software Stores - Custom Computer Programing Services - Computer System Design Services - Computer Facilities Management Services - Other Computer Related Services - Computer Security Services
  3. Oil and Gas
    Oil and Gas
    We can locate and supply the following Oil and Gas products around the world - CIF: -Liquefied Natural Gas - Diesel Fuels (All blends) - Aviation Jet Fuels (All blends) - Crude Oils for Refineries We have and extensive network of Trade Desks, people and resources to help with your needs.
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